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Struggling to dispose of your old sofa? We've got you covered! 

With the ever-changing rules on the disposal of soft furnishings (POPS), we understand that finding a cost-effective yet responsible way of getting rid of your old sofas, armchairs and other POPS waste is becoming increasingly difficult. That's why we now offer a POPs waste collection service.  We have worked hard to find a responsible way of disposing of this type of waste so that 100% is diverted from landfill. 

We collect your POPs waste and send it to be used for RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), where your old sofa is stripped, separated and shredded into tiny pieces and then turned into grains, pellets or bricks which are then used as a replacement for fossil fuels in processes such as the production of electricity. 

Please give us a call or fill in our enquiry form for further details, pricing or to book.

Click the links find out more about POPs waste and RDF. 

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